Sunday, December 9, 2012


This blog was created for my Master as a writing assignment.  It is for him to read and see how I feel about what he has deemed wrong, how I feel about my punishments and for him to tell me my daily assignments seeing as we live so far apart for the moment.  Do to the nature of a blog though, I have decided to go by the pen name Precious Chattel, as approved by Master, so that this could be kept anonymous.

A little history for those of you who are not Master.  I have always been an odd one and the Dominate and Submissive / Slave lifestyle has appealed to me from a very young age.  I had no right discipline as a child and what I did have would be more on the lines of abuse seeing as it was for things no sane person would call bad or wrong.  I'd get something to eat and meet a hanger against my leg.  I'd say something for my younger sister and meet a vacuum hose to the back and face.  I had no structure in my life and I craved all of this.  The lucky person to give it to me is now my one and my forever only Master of six years.

Master and I met at a school club and immediately clicked and knew what each other was looking for in a person.  He instantly gave me a pet name and I accepted this, calling him only by what he wanted.  He took the thoughts from my mind and knew I was going to ask him out even though I was trying to convince him otherwise.  I was, and always have been, a rather shy person.  He spent the majority of his out of class time with me at school and hours of his at home time either on the phone or online with me.  I knew I was falling in love with him and he had already fallen for me.

I had madly fallen in love with him in just a month of being with this perfect person and I decided that I should give him the only thing I had to show my unconditional love.  Master took my virginity on a rather cold November 9th, 2006.  This will always be the most special day in my life to me and nothing, no birthdays, wedding anniversaries, deaths or new births will take its place in my heart.

My first holiday season with him was more than any girl could wish for as he gave me the lovey I still keep with me as often as I can, a stuffed dog, who is named after Master's real name so for that purpose I cannot say it here.  That lovely and my very first collar, the best presents I have received.  Though it wasn't the prettiest collar in the world or the tightest fit, it was mine.  I happily wore it for my Master once or twice until he decided to get me a proper collar.  This one I helped him pick out and it was lovely.  It was pink, with hearts and he even had my name engraved on a tag.  Not just my name, but his last name on the end.  It was the nicest thing anyone had ever gotten me and I wore it every day with pride for almost two years.

I wasn't the best pet ever and when he found I was having his child, he became soft on me.  Not even so much as a verbal scolding came across his lips and I found that I could push him and he would give instead of push back.  I had everything my way from then on up until I was taken from him seeing as I still lived at home during this period of time.  I stayed in touch with him via the phone and he came to see me and our new little one.  He soon left back to his home and I stayed his pet only through phone conversations and online.

After a year had passed, it was our little one's birthday and he came to see me again, mostly baby-weight free.  I was overjoyed to see him and we spent time alone, him still wanting to dom me, just not as much as when we were younger.  We said our goodbyes as he left again and soon called for us to move into our first home together just three months later.  I was ecstatic that he wanted to have our lifestyle back and this time I'd actually be living with the man I worshiped and adored.  He was the perfect Master and I was pleased as pie to keep house, cook and listen to his every demand as he went to work and out with friends two to three times a week.  I made everything to his liking and even somehow managed to shape my body into a perfect ideal of a goddess in less than a month.  Though shortly after this, it was my birthday and the Master not only forgot, but to add insult to injury, his aunts who I did not care for brought me a cake as the only people who remembered or cared.  I spent the night by myself, crying because my Master had remembered a friend's birthday just a week before and not his own pet's.  I took this as a blow to his love for me and immediately began to decline in my behavior.

That holiday season of 2009 he proposed to me even though I had become less than agreeable.  I happily accepted and we were married the following year in the summer.  I had everything any girl dreams of as a child and every adult woman wants.  I wasn't happy for reasons that still are a mystery to me even today and I showed it in fits, tantrums and complete disobedience to my Master to the point that one day he gave up.  Master loved me very much and even showed it in ways I didn't know until the day I found he was chatting with another woman in the very way he use to talk to me.  I had ran him back to a girl that he hadn't so much as said a word to since we moved in together.

Things went from bad to worse and we ended up going our own ways in hopes of a divorce coming to terms and our entire D/s relationship being thrown down the drain.  On what was our sixth anniversary as a couple, he actually spoke to me in a decent manner for the first time in a long while and offered me my status back if I could be completely under his rule this time.  I had no other option but to accept on his terms and I soon realized that this was exactly what I wanted.

Master visited me November 16, 2012 and I entered a contract with him.  Everything was read and agreed on and I was once again happy as could be.  The only thing that was upsetting was he did not want to live with me again.  I had ruined any pleasure he first saw in us being together like this and it took me a while to convince him that I would obey everything in this contract the next time.

So here we are today.  Master is my one and only rule again and I am now not a pet, but his slave, still loved by him, just not exactly the same as before.  I am using this blog to keep track of everything that Master asks of me, my punishments, my hopes for this relationship and my memories of yesteryear when I was the only lady in his life and how I didn't see how lucky I was.  I hope that Master approves of everything written here and that all of my assignments here-out will be fulfilled to Master's wishes.