Monday, December 10, 2012

Dearest Master

I am writing to tell you what I hope to get from being your obedient and loyal slave as asked.  I am happy that you have once again accepted me under your rule as the wonderful Master I know you are.  I know things have been out of sorts in the past, but I know that in my new role as your completely submissive slave, I will be able to be exactly what you expect me to be and nothing less.

First of all, I would like you to know what I expect of you as a Master.  I know that you read the underline and all of the other sections of The Contract of Voluntary Slavery that we both agreed to and signed, so you have a basic idea of what I'm asking.  I just want you to be the firm and loving Master that I need in my life.  I know you can be strict and keep on top of things when you want to and that's what I expect from you as a slave from now on.  I need you there to make the decisions for things and to tell me what to do, to show me what is expect, to keep rules in place and promptly punish me when I do things wrong.  One of the many reason I failed you the first time was because you were too lenient on rules, structure and keeping me in line.

I hope that I will be able to better learn to serve you under your rule as your slave.  This experience as being under your total control 24/7 will help me better understand your needs, wants and desires.  It will also better help me understand my own.  I know the difference between the three and I hope that Master does to so he will better know how to take care of me.  I gave my everything to Master and myself as a possession of his because I firmly believe that you will take good care of me.



As your slave, I need you to do a few things for me.  They aren't things that you can just turn a cheek at and get away with it.  You may be the rule of me, but you won't hear the end of it if you neglect me.

Please remember that there is The Contract of Voluntary Slavery and Rules for Slave to uphold.  I will obey them just as much as you should.  Everything will go smoothly if everyone plays their part and takes this relationship as a serious investment.
I need a Master who always considers my thoughts and feelings before doing anything.  You never have to ask permission for something, so please think before you act.  You could end up causing me stress, upset or shame if you don't.
I also need you to make sure to always tell me the truth about everything, no matter how tiny or big the issue is.  If you honestly can not tell me something for one reason or another, please say this so that I know you aren't lying to me.
I need for you to be firm and loving with me every moment of every day. I am a submissive girl at heart, but I know that I do tend to act up if upset, even if the reason is silly.  I need you to be a very dominate Master who makes sure to take everything into there own hands.
Whenever I say the safety word, I need you to stop whatever it is that you are doing.  I am never going to use this word lightly and if I say it then you either will be doing something unforgivable if you don't stop or you already have harmed me badly.


There are things as a slave that I would like to have in this relationship that aren't needed in the least, but would make me very happy.

I would be more than happy if you could make sure to take time out of your day to just sit and chat with me like you usually do.  I need to hear something from you, whether it be some light chatting on IM or your voice for a few minutes on a phone call.  When we live together again this won't be much of an issue, but right now being separated makes me lonesome and long to be near you.
I'd like it very much if you could train me a little bit every day until we meet up again.  I'd like to be the best that I can be for you and training me helps and reminds me to write down things that I know you'll be happy with.
I would very much appreciate it if you didn't call me vulgar names when I'm bad or my birth name, as you know both greatly upset me.
If you could try to remember at least a few special dates of ours, that would make me very happy as well.  Even if it's just a silly one or something easy to remember like our wedding anniversary.
To be told that I'm loved.  Hearing Master say "I love you" makes my heart flutter and it would be wonderful if he could start saying it before we go to bed or when he thinks I deserve to hear it.


Anything and everything that I could ever desire are just those, desires that do not need to be met in any way, though they are big and sometimes impractical wishes from the bottom of my heart.  Things that would make this D/s relationship everything any girl could dream or and more would be as follows.

Nothing seems more amusing to me than exploring fetishes and I would greatly appreciate it if we could try out everything that comes to mind together.  Even if something sounds horrible, gross, silly or just plain weird.
Master remembering my birthday and getting me presents on special days and when I've been really good or just because he loves me.  I know that Master never has to get me anything or praise me even, but it would make me a very happy slave.
I would really love it if Master would take me out on dates at least once a month.  I know going out is expensive and sometimes rather silly, but it makes me happy to be shown off in public with such a handsome man.  This costing money and being a public activity is why I think it is more of a desire than anything else.
I would also be ecstatic if Master would collar me someday.  I know that I owned a collar in the past as a pet, but I would like to actually have the rite of being collared when Master and I have finally became a perfect match.  I promise if this ever happened, I would take the utmost care of my collar and make sure to serve Master beyond his expectations.
The last thing and the one that is the most impractical of desires is for Master to stop contacting his online-only female friends.  It's painful to watch you waste your time away with girls who even though Master says their friends, they get better treatment than I do.  I would be over the moon with joy if this is something that ever happened and I know it's just a fantasy, but it really would make me overjoyed.  I do not care about real life friends who you speak to and that they know I exist, that has never bothered me.  The ones who do not know or do not care and you only speak to virtually and have never met, don't really deserve the treatment they receive and shouldn't be on a friends list.


Anytime from now on there is a yellow, blue or pink icon or color code on a post, it means that it is either a need, want or desire and stresses the urgency that Master needs to read it.  Yellow being a need, blue being a want and lovely pink being a desire.  Everything listed here is exactly as a I mean it and nothing less.  These are all the major needs, wants and desires I have as a slave.  If Master ever wishes to know more about any of the three, he only simply needs to ask.  I know we have the rest of our lives together and I hope that every day from now on will be ruled over with love and discipline that will make me understand and love you and myself more than I already do.