Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Discipline Self

I know that Master hasn't been feeling that good lately and seems to be busy with his own life, so I've been trying my best to keep in line and not do anything that would cause Master upset or anger.  I haven't done anything against Master's rules lately and I am trying to read over the Rules for Slave list and memorize it.  I probably don't know it as well as I should.  I haven't been keeping up bodily appearances as much as you've asked and I do admit that I only shave once every four days, though I don't actually see Master and to me, this isn't an issue.

I'm trying to eat properly like asked so that I can stay healthy since my body is Master's property and I can't go about damaging it with junk and lack of eating.  I even started up a log of what I eat in case Master ever wants to check and see if I've remembered to eat.  Just don't freak out if there isn't anything on the current day, I promise everything that was put in my mouth will be logged down before midnight.  I can't make myself eat a normal amount of calories even if I try.  Too much just makes my stomach hurt and being sick is exactly what Master is trying to make me avoid.  I'm a skinny person by nature on the inside and food isn't exactly my friend in any aspect.  The foods I do really like are mostly healthy anyway.

Master hasn't been able to tell me anything lately about what he wants or what he needs.  I know that I probably shouldn't ask so much, but it would be nice to know so that I can please you better.  I'll try my best to do what I can on my own though.  I know I've at least been doing what I've been instructed to do pretty well, though I could improve a bit.  It's not that I've been out of line, I just need to do what I've been asked more often.  Once I have a nice place of my own, I'll start doing my best to do the things that Master asks of me, what little that may be.