Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obedience Game

I have missed Master very much in the last, almost three months, I have been living apart from him.  I've only seen him once in this amount of time and it's not very helpful to my sanity since I'm use to being by his side every day.  I know I will get to be with him again someday, but seeing as I can only be patient for so long, I convinced him to play a game with me where we both agreed on the terms, prize and penalties if I failed.  I like to call this the Obedience Game.

I have to obey Master's rule to the fullest and so anything and everything he asks of me for the next three months.  The game started on December 1st and will end on March 1st of 2013.  If I can keep in good favor with him and do everything he asks, keeping my behavior score at 100, then he will come to live with me once again.  Though this seems too easy and good to be true, there are penalties to this that make it into a game.  If I get anything below 100 as my score, he is going to roll his percent dice and if the score is in my favor, he will still move in with me.  This means if I have 99 as my score and he rolls a 1% then I lose.

Though since Master is a good person and he might actually be starting to miss me, he said that if I lose and my score is above 90, he will let me play the game again, though I have to incur most of the penalties.  I honestly don't have the option of losing or it will ruin me.  I'll be marked as a bad slave by having my privileges taken away from me and I won't be Master's favorite little pet anymore.  So for the sake of my sanity and my ego, I really have to win this.

The prize for winning this game is obvious, Master will be moving in with me.  The penalty for losing however is a bit more complex:

I am not allowed to receive any pleasure in any form that is for me alone.  If it happens as the result of pleasuring Master, then that does not count.
I am not allowed to use any of the money I earn or Master earns for anything besides needs for myself and others under Master's rule.  I will no longer be allowed to buy myself wants for any reason unless Master deems it allowed and I will never been allowed to buy myself desires.
I am not allowed to speak to Master in any way via text, e-mail or messenger first unless he notices and speaks to me.  Even then, I may only reply once and have to wait for him to reply again before saying anything else to him.
I am not allowed to hear Master's voice again until he decides it's the right time to move near me, which could be years from now.  This means that I am not allowed to speak to him on the phone or over any computer voice chat or game where I can hear him speaking.
Once Master finds another person that he wants to have as a slave, instead of being above them in rank as his favorite seeing as I have been with him the longest, have his child and he loves me, I will be on the same rank as the new slave and hold no privileges above them.

So as you can see, I need to win this to keep my sanity and keep from being thrown down in rank and happiness.  If everything goes well, I'll have Master by my side again sometime in March, hopefully shortly after the Obedience Game is over with.  I put up a little counter on the side of the site to keep track of how much longer there is to go as this keeps me amused and reminds me to behave.  Master won't tell me my current score, so I'm hoping that it's good.