Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stressful Day

It was early this morning when I messaged Master, but he should know I already confessed to doing something bad.  I corrected myself and apologized and I hope this doesn't go against me.  I'm trying my hardest to be a good girl without your instruction and I think that I'm actually doing rather well.  I haven't broken any big rules or medium ones for that matter and all my issues have been minute infractions that you seem to have pardoned.  I just hope that I can stay your good girl until next Spring.

I would have broken a rule had I gone without permission, but since it isn't yet Friday, I thought it would be safe to still ask.  I'd really like to go to see +The Hobbit, though you should know that by now since I've been speaking about it non-stop for the past three weeks.  I even went to Denny's and ate their so-so food just to get a pack of trading cards.  It was my favorite book and one of my favorite cartoons as a child and I just can't wait to see this movie even if it's just part one out of three.

I have had no other issues with the rules and actually went over the rules list again last night.  I will probably go over it again sometime tomorrow if I'm not too busy obsessing over the fact that the movie came out.  The only other thing I can even think of that you may count as bad is I ended up soaking a pair of underwear from thinking about all the terrible things in the roleplay we were doing.  I honestly can't say why, but for some reason fantasy just makes my panties happy - sometimes a little too much so.