Friday, December 14, 2012

Focused On CSS

I know that I should have probably been reading over rules or checking my brain for any misbehavior I have done today, but I didn't.  Instead I was busily and happily working on a custom layout for my Gaia Online profile.  I'm not sure if I'm going to have it done this weekend, but I hope so.  It's going to be super cute and one of my favorite colors.  If Master thinks this is an utter waste of time, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Another day without any training of any sort.  I understand Master has better things to do and because of this, I will do my best not to complain.  It's just hurting me when I am not able to do everything in my power to please my Master and if I'm not properly trained, it will end up being a burden on Master eventually.  I'm going to try my best to just go over the rules every day and make sure I'm doing the things you've already told me to do right.  I'll cross my fingers that you'll train me some more later, though I think I'm going to sign up for an etiquette class so that I can be more of a pleasing slave for you.

I have been waking up at really weird times of day lately and I don't really have much of a schedule right now do to lack of employment.  I promise I'm trying to get a job, things just aren't working out how they should be.  So if I could ask for anything in the way or training, orders or assignments I'd ask for a bedtime.  I really feel tired all the time and sluggish seeing as I don't have a set sleep schedule and it's driving me crazy.