Saturday, December 15, 2012

Worried Is All

Poor Master has a toothache along with his backache now and I'm not really sure he ever got over that cold.  Another day with no training, but I know that I can be a good girl for Master and live.  I've read over the Rules for Slave again so that I make sure it sticks in my brain.  I know that I've been having trouble with rule number nine "I will ask my Master for permission to satisfy whatever need I have before acting on it."  I haven't touched myself in a few days, so I think it might be getting stuck in my head, or at least I hope.

I really think I've been doing good on eating a little bit better since you scolded me.  I still can't manage to eat the recommended calories, but my intake has doubled so no more having a shake and six grapes for the entire day.  I hope you don't worry about me too much seeing as you're the one in bad health at the moment.  I might be a bit under the weather, but I really wish Master would 'waste' the money to go see a doctor.  Even if it's just minor problems, you know I want to see you happy and healthy.

Thank you for going to bed with me at a decent time last night, though I couldn't help but notice your online status tipped me off to the fact you were up again just three hours later.  You need to start trying to get more sleep instead of worrying about those ugly girls you chat with.  It's annoying for me to have to deal with Master being half out of it when he eventually gets online and not wanting to chat because he was up all late hours of the night talking to ladies.