Monday, December 17, 2012

Nom Nom Fatty

Alright, so every time I ask Master about training he either says he doesn't know, he can't sign into google to get on a pen or he dodges the question all-together.  So, I've decided that since he's not going to be training me anytime soon, I'll just have to use my best judgement when handling day-to-day basics and follow the rules to a t.  If this doesn't work, then I'll just have to keep begging for training until he gives in.

I fell like a terrible person right now, I really do.  I decided to eat a mint chocolate chip Klondike bar at three in the morning.  Who does that!?  A fatty, that's who.  I usually never eat and when I do, it's little nibbles here and there, but there are just some times when I feel... crappy, I guess.  Those times that I don't either, but if you hand me something, I'll eat it, no questions asked.  I usually turn down food, but nope.  My mother brought me lunch today and I ate all of it. *pinches stomach*  Bad slave, bad.  Now, to make up for having a fatty day, I'm going to catch up on absolutely every mini-challenge the group I just joined has had in the past.  I'm going to work up a sweat until I know not to put another ice cream in my mouth after 21:00!

I mean sure, yes I do look absolutely adorable eating sweets.  If I could I'd eat only sweets, but I can't eat them right before I go to bed.  It's just asking for trouble especially since I'm pretty sedentary.  I also shouldn't be staying up till 07:00, but Master really didn't seem to care for some reason.  He's slipping back into his old ways, so I'm just going to have to discipline myself until he's man enough to take care of me!  So, I made a list of foods I can't eat to keep myself reminded that they are no-no foods so I won't touch them.  I also am giving myself a bedtime of staying up no later than 01:00, even if Master is up.  Now off to burning my butt off!