Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just A Bit Lonely

Well, today I woke up feeling pretty good even though I've been up and about since 07:00 which isn't usual for me.  I mean, it is usual, just not as of late.  I've been waking up past noon most of the time do to not being able to sleep or feeling sick.  I think after 28 hours of wondering where Master went to, I just finally passed out and slept like a baby, or well, more like a cat.  Either way, I had a good sleep and I'm ready to face the day even though I ended up eating cereal again this morning, which I told myself no to.

Master seems to be really busy lately, that or I've annoyed him and he's avoiding me like the plague...  I just hope it's the first, though Yule is tomorrow and I'd really enjoy spending some time with him.  I haven't heard his voice in more than three weeks and I'm starting to miss it badly.  I hope he'll let me call him later for even just a little bit, though I really doubt that will happen.

I'm in a contest on one of my +Gaia Online guilds and the theme for today was favorite memory.  I've always said my favorite memory was Valentines 2007 that I spent with Master.  Everything that happened that day seemed like out of a dream and I wish more than anything it could happen again.  I loved everything about it, even if the food was calorie coated and there was snow in my shirt, I was happier than I had ever been just throwing snowballs in the parking lot and cuddling with the one I love as we ate.  I really adore sitting in booths and Master sitting next to me, though he's only done that one other time in the last four years when we were out with friends and I was drunk, so it wasn't as magical, though that memory was just as nice seeing as everyone had more fun then we've ever had before.

Master, if you ever do read this blog, I'd really be happy if next time we go out together you sit in the booth next to me.  I love being able to cuddle when we're out together, it just makes everything feel much more romantic.  Everyone else can have their staring across the table at each other like idiots, watching the other person eat, but that's not how I like things.  Unless you have something of serious business to say to me, just sit next to me, wrap your arm around my waist like old times and randomly kiss me on the forehead between bites.  I promise I won't try to spill hot chocolate on your lap again.