Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feeling Alright

I woke up to terrible nightmares again.  I don't even think I had more than four hours of sleep this time and it just seems as though there is nothing that I can do about it.  I just want to be held and comforted by Master. I ended up taking a bunch of tiny naps throughout the day until my interview and when I got there, I ended up waiting a little over an hour to even be seen do to them being underhanded.  The manager was very nice, everything went well and he said I was hired!  That means out of three interviews in my life, I've nailed all three!  Tell me that isn't the best personality you've ever heard of?  Well you can't, because it is.  I'm just that fabulous and everyone shall know that someday.

Master is feeling really bad as of late and apparently he said he is really sick, out of it and feeling horribly icky in general.  I did my best to comfort him, though over the computer that is rather hard.  I really wish I was with him, don't call me messed up, by I think it's cute when he lays his head in my lap when he isn't feeling good.  It's not that I like him feeling bad, it's just he looks adorable doing it.  Plus I really want to pet his hair right now, this is the third time he's teased me with it in the last week.  He knows I just adore how soft his hair is and he had to comment that his hair was fluffy after getting out of the shower a few days ago.  That hair shall be mine to pet again someday.

So, I'm really rather tired right now, but I'm in a pretty good mood.  I think I even made a new friend at work even though I just got hired!  She seems to be around my age, though I'm not really sure.  I just hope she'll be someone to chat with and maybe make the time pass by a little.  I didn't ask the rate of pay, though minimum wage is decent here, so I'd be fine with that.  If I can get in enough hours and take call-offs then I'll have more than enough money to get by.  This week I just need to go look for pants, shoes and where to get a new card and photo ID.