Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Master

I don't celebrate Christmas in the religious sense, though I do celebrate it as the media holiday it has become in many countries, including Japan.  I like the idea of it being a romantic wintry holiday where a couple gives each other gifts of love and spend all night cuddling on the sofa, in bed or going on a romantic date.  This year I won't have the luxury of that, but I got to chat with Master from midnight to a good bit into the morning.  He has to go visit some family today, so he won't be around to chat with until later if at all.  I wasn't allowed to buy him a gift until I acquired a job and lucky me just did on Sunday.

Now I can't exactly send a gift this late seeing as it would be a New Years present by then, so I'll have to get him a virtual gift on +Gaia Online and a small new years present of some sort.  You might think it odd, though I follow a lot of Asian trends rather than my own countries.  I don't socialize normally, so you could ask me anything a normal person knows and I'll be rather confused as to what you're even speaking of.

For Christmas I received a gold handbag full of beauty products and makeup from my grandmother and a nice check from my grandfather.  They've been divorced long before I was born or my mother was out of school, so I've always had the luxury of getting presents from both of them.  It made up for the fact my father was their age and I couldn't exactly get presents from his family since they were long deceased.  My father's mother was alive until I was four, but she was a nasty old woman.  No gifts from her or holiday cheer, just grumpy meanness and she chopped up my things.

I asked Master for an "I love you" before heading off to bed at a rather odd hour, though I know I shouldn't have.  I couldn't help myself though.  He either didn't want to say it, didn't read my blog post where I asked him to start saying it every night or just didn't think of it.  I'm hoping it's number three seeing as I would like to think he reads these posts like he says he will and I'd also like to think that he still loves me very much.  I just adore hearing it and the only time I even mention or demand it anymore is when I'm going to bed.  I like to hear it before I go to sleep, it just makes me happy and feel a little bit safer about entering my dream world.  I'd say I love you every second of every day, though I know Master understands I love him very much and when I do it too much, he starts acting a bit annoyed with the repetitiveness.  That's when I decided that once a day is fair enough until we move back in together.  Then I'll make sure to say it when either of us go anywhere or when we fall asleep, hopefully beside each other.

I ended up getting to speak to Master for around a minute on the phone tonight.  I love being able to hear his voice and it just made me so happy.  I didn't get him to say "I love you" but he did reply "you too" when I said it, so it's good enough for now.  I have to assume their were family present because while some people and friends it's okay to tell we're together still, other people just don't need to know or they'd flip.  Mostly because they hate me do to being different and by different, I mean adorable and taking away their 'boy'.  I just can't wait to see him again and be able to cuddle him and kiss him and just drown in his scent.  I love everything about my Master and I miss him soooo much.