Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yucky Tummy

Well, I woke up three times today.  I went back to sleep the first two times since I'm not feeling that well and Master woke up around the same time I did the third time.  I didn't get to have him say goodnight to me last night which made me a little sad, but I got to chat with him when I woke up at least for a few minutes.  He hasn't replied in hours though, so I'm guessing he fell back asleep or found something better to do.  Either way I'm sure I'll get to talk to him again before I go to bed as long as he gets online before two.  I don't think I'll be able to stay up any later then that.

Eating my mother's Christmas dinner three nights in a row is enough to kill anyone, so if I don't post tomorrow you'll know why.  Her food is never cooked properly and to get away from the burnt stereotype we put on her every time she attempts to make something, which isn't often, she ended up under cooking the food and gave everyone a stomach bug because you just don't under cook ham.  It's just a big no-no that could end up in death.

The month is almost over and Master hasn't trained me yet.  Not even once.  I'm starting to get the feeling he never will and that he doesn't actually want to.  He has been sick though, so I need to try and be a little more patient, though if he doesn't train me next month either, I'm giving up hope.  I really thought things were started anew and we were going to be completely serious about our roles in the relationship, but it doesn't seem to be happening.  I can't be a doting, loving, obedient and loyal pet if there isn't anyone there to be those things for.  So, my happy mood lasted about two days and that's it.  At least I got him to pick a character picture for a new roleplay, though I doubt he'll ever reply to the initial post...