Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Bucket List

Alright, so out of my extremely-long-and-hard-to-finish-but-have-to-or-I-won't-be-happy bucket list, I'm using my account on 43 Things to narrow it down to stuff that I think I can finish or get a good portion of finished this year.  As the name of the website suggest, there are a total of forty-three items that I would like to accomplish this year.  Some things are more important than others, but as a whole they are all just as important to get every item checked off.
  1. Learn to ride a bike efficiently and safely.  I haven't ridden a bike in years and I am in absolute love with this bike though I think I may actually be too short for an adult bike.  Yes, I'm under the average height for my country which is annoying sometimes, but good because Master likes me short.
  2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.  I'd really like to give a little back to the community since I know what it's like to be dirt poor and hungry.
  3. Learn to play chess.  Yes, I know this is a silly one seeing as most well educated people can play, though I haven't actually had another being of my intelligence level to play with in some time.  All of my gal pals were fun to be around, but none of them really read novels or played board games.
  4. Learn to ride a horse.  I haven't been on a horse since before I was a teenager and I really cannot remember the way to sit or needed commands.  I just adore horses and would love to learn how to ride one again so that maybe I can own one someday.
  5. Learn to sew.  This is another basic skill I've lost since becoming an adult.  I use to be able to actually make a pillow or stuffed animal in a matter of minutes, but now I find it hard to even put a button on a pair of pants.  I just think this is a life skill that I really need to remember.
  6. Learn to whistle.  While Master can't really whistle at all, mine is rather dull and I can't hold it or make it very loud.  I just am rather annoyed by this and would like to learn or rather remember how to whistle like a bird.
  7. Make a gingerbread house.  Obviously this one should be done around the winter holidays, I've just never made a real gingerbread house before.  We made a kit one when I was very little, but that really doesn't count and it wasn't edible.
  8. Make a giant cookie.  It doesn't have to be the size of a bedroom, it just has to be a lot bigger than a normal cookie.  I've always wanted to make one of those cookie cakes, so around that size or a little bigger would be neat.
  9. Make a terrarium.  There is just something so beautiful about a small forest in a jar.  I'd really like to make one that lasts for a while so that I can use it as a decoration.
  10. Learn how to fold origami.  A long time ago a Japanese exchange student taught me how to make everything from paper cups and boxes to cranes.  I have never had a reason to make them since and I wanted to pick the art back up.
  11. Learn American Sign Language.  In grade school we learned the alphabet and a bunch of basic signs, though I would really like to learn it so I can fluently use it.  During the fall I lose my voice a lot and I use sign language to talk to Master so that he doesn't get mad at me not being able to speak.  I just want to be fluent in this and it would look good on a job application.
  12. Learn a new word every day for a year.  My English vocabulary isn't where I want it to be, so I'm going to try and learn a new word every day during 2013.  I'm also going to do so in other languages such as Chinese. UPDATE 2013/01/04 - I'm forfeiting this for the year, maybe next time.
  13. Complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  I've done some 24 piece puzzles in my time and even dared a 100 piece puzzle once.  I'm not very good at matching pieces, though I'd really like to find one of those puzzle picture kits and finish all 1,000 pieces, glue it together and hang it on the wall.
  14. Donate blood.  I am afraid of needles.  Not so much as I use to be though, which is a good thing.  I really want to donate some of my blood seeing as I know that blood transfusions take a lot and hospitals always need some blood in stock.
  15. Experience a sunrise in the desert.  I now live in an area of the world that could be considered a desert, so I would like to go out one day to a more sandy region of this place and just sit and watch the sun rise.  I'm sure it's a rather beautiful sight.
  16. Fill up an entire coloring book.  I just adore really cute coloring books and I want nothing more than to get a couple boxes of crayons and just sit and finish coloring in every single flower, person and creature on each and every page.  I've never gotten to do this before and I think I'm going to go look for a really cute Hello Kitty one.  It has to have at least 100 pages though.
  17. Finish a 365 photography project.  I've never been able to stay dedicated to something other than Master for more than a few months, so I would like to do a year long photography project where I take a picture of something every single day.  I'm going to find a really neat themed one online to start.
  18. Fold 1,000 paper cranes.  After I have learned how to do origami this year, I want to make 1,000 paper cranes for a wish.  There was a book about this that I read in middle school and it got me thinking on the idea.  Once I've made all 1,000 I don't know what I'll wish for though.
  19. Go to Burning Man festival.  So now that I live within walking distance of this grand 'festival of hippies' I would really like to actually go to one.  I'm not going to be doing drugs or be an idiot, I just want to experience what this festival is like.
  20. Hike in the Grand Canyon.  Again, another thing that is super close to me now so I can get it checked off my list.  I would like to hike at least a few miles in the Grand Canyon.  I've never been on a hike in a dry area before and I think it would be a nice change of pace.
  21. Eat a traditional food from every country.  There are exactly 196 countries in the world and I would like to try a traditional or national dish from each and every one of them this coming year.  That may seem like a lot of work to deal with, but I'm going to dedicate myself to it and make sure this happens.  I might ask Master if he wants to do this as well and hold off until March if he says yes.  He's somewhat of a picky eater though, so I don't know if he will.
  22. Make a website for my blog.  This blog does indeed need a website.  I'm going to need a rather large bit of storage for all the photograph galleries I want to post up.  On top of that, I need a place to put static information that needs to stay in one place instead of the daily blog notes I have.
  23. Make fifty dishes from Middle-Earth.  Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth is the one thing in this world that fascinates me more than anything else I have ever known.  Not this year, but someday, I want to have my ears pointed like an Elf.  I adore them more than anything in the world and I want nothing more than to make the dishes described in Tolkien's works.
  24. Try one exotic food every day for a month.  As you can see, I love food, I just don't like eating very often.  So, most of these dishes will end up being dinner foods seeing as breakfast and lunch usually consist of a fruit and some protein shakes for me.  I'd like to try exotic or taboo foods one month this coming year and just nothing but those.
  25. Visit a butterfly garden.  I've been to a bird sanctuary, but I've never been to one of those large butterfly gardens.  I've seen the small ones schools make, but I'd rather go to one that has thousands of plants for the world's only cute insect.
  26. Visit four corners.  This is a place in the United States where four of the states come together.  I just thought it was a fun and silly little thing to do since I live so close to the location.
  27. Walk barefoot in the rain.  I've done this as a child, though out on our patio in the backyard.  I'd like to just take a walk down the street in the rain.
  28. Visit the Sundance Film Festival.  I've heard nothing but good things about this.  Everyone says they have the most amazing films of all time and I would just adore to go see this.
  29. Watch the 100 best movies of all time.  I just adore watching movies, so I thought I would watch the one-hundred best movies of all time and give my critique on what I think of them.
  30. Learn Korean.  I love Korean dramas, fashion and animation.  I have had a few Korean pen pals in the past and would really like to be able to write and speak Korean for the purpose of talking with them and eventually going to South Korea someday.
  31. Learn French.  I took two French classes, one in middle school and one in high school.  I wasn't much for homework, so I almost failed out of the one in high school.  The only thing that saved me was I actually knew the words and could pronounce them properly, acing every written and verbal test we had.  I would really like to expand my vocabulary in French so that I can speak it fluently.
  32. Take a massage class.  I know that makes a lot of money, but I don't want to take a massage class for that.  I would be sickened by touching another person other than Master.  I just really like to give Master massages when he asks and I would like to take a class to better understand why and where to pressure on a person to relieve tension.
  33. Solve a Rubik's cube.  Those little blocks of color have always been fascinating to me.  I have trouble with sliding puzzles as it is, so I would really like to learn how to perfectly match a Rubik's cube.
  34. Ride in a hot air balloon.  I am deathly afraid of heights and what better way to force the overcoming of that fear with no way down but a jump to your death.
  35. Make homemade ice cream.  I've done this twice now, both times didn't turn out very well.  Once was in fifth grade at school and the teacher's even didn't do it right and the other time was at home, it really didn't work at all.
  36. Make homemade marshmallows.  I've never done this before and I'm not really sure how someone makes something so spongy, so I'd like to learn how to do so.  I've always wanted to make my own strawberry, chocolate filled marshmallows so I'm going for it.
  37. Make a bread from 50 different countries.  I just adore bread, though that may be because I'm part French.  I want to try to make national bread from different countries as well as the united states.  I've never made my own bread as an adult and wold like to start learning.
  38. Participate in NaNoWriMo.  National Novel Writing Month is something that I have always wanted to do ever since I was a little girl.  I love to write stories, though I've never gotten more than three or four chapters, this year I am to write a ten or more chapter, light, romance novel.
  39. Pay a random person's bill.  I want to do a random act of kindness and pay for someone's restaurant bill if they're running low on cash.
  40. Learn Elvish.  Again, huge fan of Middle-Earth and Elves.  I want to perfect the language of the elves so that I can speak and sing in it without a problem.
  41. Read 1,000 books.  I really enjoy reading and I would like to try and read one-thousand books.  Though this seems like a lot, when I was younger I could read a full three-hundred plus page novel in just two days if I really got into it.  Now that I am an adult, having to work and do other chores gets int the way of my free time so I'm not sure if I'll be able to read that many books.  To qualify, the book must have at least one-hundred pages and less than fifty half-page or whole-page illustrations.
  42. Read all of Shakespeare's work.  This will help me complete my one-thousand books I need to read. I also just adore his tragic romances and would love to read more of his word seeing as I only read Romeo and Juliet along with Hamlet in high school.
  43. Learn Japanese.  I can say basic words and greetings and even now can recognize some Hiragana and Kanji, though I want to be fluent.  I've forgotten most of the things I've learned as a child, so it's time to brush up again.
So those are all the things I hope to accomplish or take a big chunk out of this year.  Tomorrow I'm going to post up a schedule of how I'm going to have to spend my days in order to get everything I want to fit in and have an exciting and busy 2013!

Edit: 2013/01/04 - I think that the combination of items I put on my list is too overwhelming for me to do in a single year.  I will not be learning a new word a day seeing as I have already missed three days and do not want to start on an odd day as I'm hard of remembering.  Also, learning five languages in one year is a bit insane and I think I'm going to have to pick just one, though I'm not sure which that will be yet.