Sunday, December 30, 2012

Old Resolutions

Last year I set myself a goal of just five New Years resolutions with a lot of goals pertaining to much larger ones.  I know that the year hasn't ended just yet, though I figured it was time to go down the list and see what kind of progress I made.  I was only good for about 1/4 of the year, so I'm guessing not much was done.  So here is the list of 2012 New Years Resolutions and how far I came in the last three months.
  • Resolution #1 - Be a better person (Specifically towards my husband)
Now I know for a fact this one was partially accomplished.  Though it was not shown or even done through most of the first 3/4 of the year, I did manage to become a better person through my experiences.  I messed up big time, lost what I wanted most and learned how to gain it back through being my true self and submitting to my Master and his will. - I however did not stop cussing like I wanted.  I don't cuss towards Master and I do not cuss most of the time, thought I still do it once in a while. - I do not call Master names anymore, though I do name call once in a while and need to work on this. - I have learned to back down, though this was as of a few days ago and I'm not yet ready to say it's accomplished. - I have learned to be myself and not try to be something else or show emotions that taint my personality.  I am not a mean person and I do not need to act like one to get anything from anyone.
  • Resolution #2 - Patch up our relationship
This one was not accomplished.  Master and I are starting to work on things, though our relationship is not 'patched up' so to speak.  Instead of doing what Master calls "putting a bandage on a hemorrhaging wound" we decided to destroy and build anew, this time I just hope no patches are needed. - Suggesting activities and hinting at dates failed in the end and now we can't really do them together unless they're online. - We also failed at one of the import mini goals which was keep the family together.  We ended up splitting up in the end, though we will be together as a family again someday, I hope. - We ended up exercising together for a little while, though Master seemed more interested in being alone in the end. - We also did not try new foods together except for one or two things at the Asian Buffet. - Weekly date nate and spending quality time lasted for about a month.  We started going out together once a month instead and then twice the last month I lived with Master.  We now just chat a little online every day and play a game together about once a week, though we haven't done that in almost two weeks now.
  • Resolution #3 - Start taking care of myself
I did not end up exercising daily in the end, though I will try to pick up the pace as of today. - I have been trying to eat healthier, though I do not eat very much anymore.  I have cut out most processed foods from my diet and I'm proud of that accomplishment. - I did not end up getting my three weekly spa days or even one weekly or bi-weekly.  I do get a shower twice a week though it's not very relaxing.  I'll try better to at least get some more showers in if nothing else. - My hair is a mess, so doing my hair nicely did not get accomplished obviously.  I had a really cute style for a while, but our little one decided that I needed a trim in the back while I was sleeping.  It's down past my shoulders a bit now and I'm trying to repair it. - Makeup is something I haven't worked on yet, though I did get some eye shadow from my grandmother for Christmas. - I do track calories now, so that one is accomplished, though I'm starting to slip and forget to track certain foods.  I'm going to make sure to track every bite from now on. - I did not loose the amount of weight I had planned for the year, though most of the year was being fed ice cream floats and candy-fluffed fruits by a girl at work who was infatuated with me.  She hated me in high school, but for some reason as an adult she ended up following me about like a puppy and hugging on me.  Anyways, I ended up loosing half of my goal weight.  I will do much better in the coming year.
  • Resolution #4 - Make cats comfortable
This one failed horribly.  We had two cats to start with and had to adopt one out do to litter training issues that she would not fix.  It was our little one's cat too so I felt horrible about doing it, but it needed done. - Master still has his cat and he got me a new cat for our anniversary, but sadly because of the move I could not keep her and I miss her so very much. - We did manage to get the cats a few vet appointments as needed, so that part was accomplished. - The litter area ended up getting cleaned and the carpets as well in the end. - We didn't get them better food, though we did give them canned food as a treat once in a while. - As for playtime with them, Master says he plays with his cat.
  • Resolution #5 - Fix living situation
This one was not accomplished in the least, if anything our living situation is much worse than before.  We are now all split up and live in temporary housing with no source of income.  Master an I did go job hunting together for a while, though it didn't last and he never found employment. - A chore plan was never put through.  We had worked one out, though Master would not do his part in the least and I ended up giving up from stress of working double shifts and dealing with someone who just wanted to be online with his mistress all night at someone else's house. - A moving plan wasn't really worked out.  Yes, we were going to be moving together as a family to a new location, but we didn't.  Instead, I made it to said location a few years before scheduled and Master was left behind.  He'll hopefully be here soon though and then we can go back to being a family and this time, I hope it's a happy one. - House hunting was not accomplished, so I am now having to look for an apartment for us to live in.  Just a three person occupancy with one pet.  I hope that I can find something within price range of a low paying job.  Though I hope Master will find a job as well once he moves out here. - We never ended up buying new electronics and the only reason the house was cleaned was do to moving.

So all-in-all I think it was about 30% of a win this year.  It's not as bad as the year before seeing as that's when we started to dislike each other for his disloyalty.  I just hope he learns to spend a bit more time with me this year and keep chatting with internet only friends to a minimum, if at all.  I know when we had real friends and hung out with them twice a week, he didn't even so much as bother to talk with her.  So, I just have to get our situation to where we have an enjoyable group of friends to hang out with and he won't have the time to think about that horrid lady ever again.