Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 New Years Resolutions

So, the new year is fast approaching and 2012 will be history.  I'm excited for the new year to start because it means that there will be new beginnings and a fresh start on life.  I honestly don't know which day I believe to be the new year.  My religion believes it to be Samhain (Halloween), others think it's the winter solstice or spring equinox.  Some even base it of some odd pattern of their own calendar, like the Chinese.  I'm fine with celebrating all of them because each has special traditions and new hopes and starts for everyone.  With the widespread day of new year, the 1st of January, there comes cocktail parties, fancy dresses, Auld Long Syne, David Bowie, noise poppers, fireworks, the ball drop and resolutions.  Which our generation and forward probably can't sing Auld Long Syne or tell you who David Bowie is.

So, as the new year rings in I'll be thinking of all the new hopes I have for the future, my chance at a new start and a new life with Master in a new place, my new job that I'll be starting soon and hopefully a bright new future for our little one and our cat as well.  I'll also hopefully get to speak with Master for a few minutes  and blow him a kiss over the phone.  It's the same thing we do every year, though the last three years past we've shared a rather long kiss and before when we were in high school we kissed, so we haven't missed a year yet and I don't plan on it.  As for my resolutions, here they are along with some items off my bucket list that I believe I will be able to accomplish or accomplish a large portion of in the coming year.
  • Resolution #1 - Start taking care of myself!
I'm still very much guilty that even though I love myself, I still don't really give myself the time I deserve.  I've been neglecting my physical help, my health, my hygiene routine and my wants and desires.  I need to take care of me because a happy me equals a happy slave for Master.  This year I am going to track every bite of food that goes in my mouth before it even touches my lips.  I am going to exercise for at least ten minutes a day every day.  I am going to take a shower every day and make sure to keep clean for Master.  I am going to brush my teeth at least twice a day.  I am going to stop chewing my nails and picking at my skin.  I am going to remain substance free.  I am going to buy myself a nice new outfit once I am halfway to my ideal body and am able to keep up with myself.  I am only going to be my true self and nothing else, even at the expense of being shunned by others and scolded by my Master if something doesn't agree with him.
  • Resolution #2 - Become financially stable!
I have a job lined up for a few days from now, but I can still get fired and just because I have a job doesn't mean I am making enough money to get by.  I want to get through this year making enough money to support as much as I need to and be able to buy myself the things that I really need and one or two wants with Master's permission.  I want to be able to afford a nice apartment, delicious food and the occasional self-indulgence.
  • Resolution #3 - Be an optimist!
I need to stop assuming things as soon as something happens or something is said.  Just because something looks bad, doesn't mean it is.  In the case of Master, it usually is since he's a bit sneaky and hides his true intentions so I don't get mad, but I'll have to do my best to believe him this year.  Just the same, I will always make sure to tell the truth about absolutely everything from now on so I don't even need the ten second rule to reword myself.  I also think this goes along with being optimistic, no more cursing at anyone.  It doesn't sound cute when I say bad words and I know Master doesn't really like it.  He says them, but he's a guy so it just is different.  When a lady says something like that it just makes everyone shake their heads.  So I will not curse in the new year, not even one tiny little s word.
  • Resolution #4 - Better myself as a person!
I need to try and find some etiquette classes.  Whether they're online or not doesn't really matter, I just need to take them.  I need to brush up on my manners as well.  I also want to try and be better for Master and our little one.  I'm sure they'd both appreciate that a lot.  I also am going to try my hardest to learn a new word in six languages every day.  Do to this, I'm going to post a few "word of the day" widgets up on the blog so that they are where I can find them easily and that way learning the words won't be so hard.  I also want to learn more about other cultures and try to figure out how to ultimately get along with everyone.
  • Resolution #5 - Only do feel good things!
Besides trying to be optimistic about everything, I only want to do things that make me feel good.  That means everything besides work if I end up not liking it and anything that Master wants that I can't say no to.  I only am going to eat foods that taste good, though I am going to try new foods this year.  I'm only going to listen to music I like unless I have no say in the matter.  This year is all about making myself as happy as possible so that I can make Master as happy as possible with me.
Along with my five new year's resolutions, I have 43 Things that I would like to try to work on and hopefully accomplish this year.  All the items are off of my actual bucket list, which is extremely long.  I'm just going to have to follow the schedule I made for myself so that I can get everything I want done finished and out of the way as soon as possible.  I just hope I feel a little better by the new year.