Friday, January 4, 2013


Today started out bad as I didn't get much sleep and everyone in the house is cranky.  I got to work and filled out some things on the computer and when I went to walk home, my mother decided to pick me up one block from the house.  Now, this would have been nice if she actually was a nice person.  Instead, she yelled at me to get in the car and proceeded to almost kill me with said car.  My right rib cage is in a horrible amount of pain now and my right ankle is bloodied up pretty good and in serious amounts of pain.

Master was really nice today, he stayed up with me all day even though he had been up earlier and chatted.  He even called me a good girl, loyal and obedient.  I know that might seem horrid to some people being called words you'd say to a pet, bu that's what I am.  Well, I'm his slave, but being called things you'd call a pet just makes me happier seeing as it's more affectionate.  He really is a very loving Master when he wants to be even though I say otherwise.  I figured he'd just ask if the little one was in the car or something like that, but he didn't.

I took a nap two or three times tonight because I kept passing out.  I really can't help it though, I feel woozy and really confused after the happenings of today.  I also need to hurry up and look for my social security card so that I can go to orientation for work tomorrow.  If I can't find that, then I'm just going to be even more messed over than I already am for not having a state ID.  Well, I have one, it's just for a different state though and I need to go on Monday and get my state ID and food handlers card before work.