Monday, January 7, 2013

Living in Blah

Alright, so today I was sort of busy, though not so much as I had hoped.  I was supposed to get my state ID, sign up for some services, enroll the little one in school, get my new apartment settled, go furniture and grocery shopping and go to work after all that.  What did I get accomplished?  I managed to get my state identification and was told that I can't go to work until I complete orientation, so no work or money for me.  The fact that I couldn't go to work was the most upsetting part of today.  The second most upsetting was waiting over two hours in line to have my ticket called to even speak to someone about a state ID.  I had forgotten that cities were... well busy.  Luckily I didn't have to work or I'd be asleep on a cash register right now.

Tomorrow I shall be busy again because everything I didn't finish today, I have to do later.  I at least cleaned the entire bathroom and remembered that I'm supposed to eat something today.  No, my food log isn't empty because I'm forgetful of writing it down.  It's empty because I'm forgetful of eating.  If someone didn't talk about food, I honestly think I wouldn't eat until I noticed I was dying from hypoglycemia.  Food and me...  we went our separate ways.  I never really liked it to begin with, but I ate it because it was there and I was depressed and hated my life.  I still don't care much for my life and not having a job is making me angry as I would really like to buy myself some new clothing, but can't.

Now I just have to hope I get more than one thing on my list of to-do's done or I'm going to be in hot water by the end of the week.  I think I'm going to go for school and services next seeing as I managed to get my state ID and I'm the one who really needs it.  Speaking of identification, I found my old passport from when I lived in China for a while when I was younger.  It's really neat to look at old visas and whatnot and see how much you've changed.  Mine expired in 2009, so obviously it was from 1999 and I was just a kid.  I looked adorable with my hair, though I do adore this new darker hair just as much.  I need to go and get myself a new passport later so that I can travel again.