Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feeling Low

I really need to get myself some anti-depressants or something because I've been like this for a while now.  About half of it's do to stress / anxiety from being away from Master for so long and the rest is do to my daily life being hectic and not going as planned.  I really need to get an apartment now or I'm going to lose it. I've even found some decent places that have a bunch of stuff included, are rather inexpensive... but have a requirement of two-and-half times income.

Even after I start my new job, I'm only making $7.80 an hour, which is above minimum wage, but still.  If it was full-time, I'd have no issue paying for a place, though with my chances I'll be working just enough to get $700 a month and the only place I can think of that is $280 or less is a dumpster or cardboard box on the street because that's how much I'll have to pay for loitering charges.  If people were actually still human and not mindless working machines, they could give me a chance.  I'd show them that my head for money could easily pay rent with two-thirds my income and I'd still be on my feet.

If I win, I'll at least have Master to help me pay for rent after that.  Then we'd have just about double the income and be able to meet the horrible two-and-half times income requirement.