Friday, January 11, 2013

Under The Weather

So, I woke up this morning rather early with a stomach ache.  Needless to say, I'm sick.  I've been having little head colds and the slight stomach ache for the last month and then better for about a day.  Now I've got the wholes works and I can't eat anything with out causing an upset down there.  My weight has also been plateaued for a while and that's really starting to bother me.  I've also been a lot sicker than normal, though everything else has been better since moving here.  I just hope I feel better for work tomorrow, if they don't cancel again that is.

I decided I have to really kick myself into gear now or I'm going to have lots of issues down the road, like losing Master to a much uglier and not-so-nice woman.  I've gone back to just having protein shakes for two meals, light snacks and I'll think of something balanced before dinner comes around.  I've kept up on shaving and am silky smooth and proud of myself.  My hygiene is getting a lot better as well and I hope that if I get myself on a routine that I'll be picture perfect for my Master - if I have any chance of winning left and he doesn't sleep with the other woman here in two weeks.

I've decided to abandon all of my old friends do to 1) them being flakes when I need them and 2) them putting all their problems on me.  Don't get me wrong, I love helping people out... it's just when you decide to become buddy-buddy with the one person I hate and then try to make me do things for you, like spend a boat load of money to go to your wedding in another state after you haven't talked to me for a month... yeah no.  Just ask Master's new brat to be your bridesmaid instead since you losers are friends now.  I never really liked dealing with you and your copy-cat behavior anyways and I'm done with all this drama.  Friends are worthless, I just want to be on my own with my ZomZom and never have to speak with anyone else ever again.  Master can even stop chatting with me if he wants, he has someone else anyways.