Saturday, January 12, 2013

Losing Hope

Yeah, they canceled orientation again.  It's not going to be until the nineteenth now and at the store about thirty minutes from here.  I give up on this job.  I'm going to fill out a bunch more applications today and go bug some places either later or tomorrow.  I at least have my uniform for the other job when they decide to get their lazy butts around to training me, but I'll have to tell them to deal with my schedule since they decided to take a month in actually putting me to work when I needed the money now.

Master didn't chat with me at all yesterday besides apologizing, half-heartily, that he only was on for a few seconds.  He could have at least said hello and told me why he's so busy because I was online when he got on and he completely ignored me, probably in favor of his slut.  I'm sick of people and how fake they are.  If you're not going to be truthful with me, I don't want you around.  I also noticed Master blocked me from seeing three of his pictures on his Facebook, so I'm guessing they're of something he doesn't want me to see, probably him all over a girl.  I'm too pretty for anyone anyways, I don't know why I hurt myself over things that aren't even worth my time of day.

I've been keeping up with my other blogs for the most part and I've been following the small amount of rules I've been left with, if they mean anything anymore.  I'm sure now that Master has stopped reading my blog and he probably will never give me any assignments because he just doesn't care and he's still a slacker like he always has been when it comes to our relationship.  I just feel lost and alone and all the stress I have to deal with on my own is making things worse for me.