Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blargh x1000

Today was just fail all over.  It started out early this morning, right after midnight - me getting in trouble for buying something without getting an okay and then probably a dozen little things I put on my blog that made Master that kinda calm angry that makes you almost pee your panties.  He said he would see if he'd punish me later, but I don't know.  He'll either not do so and stay mad, which is bad for both of us or he'll do so in a way that isn't very nice.

So I do tend to say a lot of things that are right in the moment - anger filled things - because of something that I don't like that I should have thought over before speaking on.  Like yes, I'm horribly angry when Master does anything with another female and even slightly jealous because they're stealing a bit of his attention away from me when I want to be the only female getting any attention.  So what do I do instead of thinking things over?  I rant.  Why?  Because honestly, it makes me feel a little better.  I know I'm prettier, smarter, funnier and better in every way imaginable than any of his girl friends.  So why do I get jealous?  Because someone dumb, ugly and worthless is getting Master's time when they don't even deserve a millisecond.

Oh a happier note, I sprained my hand do to the little one being a ruffian.  Yes, that is happier than the rest of my life at the moment.  Sad, isn't it?