Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Alright, so today has been a rather good day so far even though I haven't done more than text Master once or twice.  I've done a few other things today though and that makes me happy.  I showered and got all nice and sparkle sparkle besides shaving the legs.  I'll do that tomorrow morning though and touch up everything else.  I also got a few things taken care of and am now looking more into my interests and getting ready to live on my own.  My orientation is supposed to be on this Saturday and I applied for another job today.  If I get both, I'll have more than enough money to get a decent apartment.

As you can see on the title, I updated my Samsung phone today and it gave me lots of new options, it's a prettier interface too.  Now I can switch between different keyboards and type / text to people in other languages.  No Japanese or Chinese sadly, though Korean is just spiffy.  I even got to go to the asian, Lee Lee Supermarket today for the first time.  It's almost as big as a normal store and has sooo much delicious food from different Asian countries.  I thought I was going to spend $100 USD on how much I bought, but to my wonderful surprise it all came out to around $65 USD instead.  I even found all of my favorite snacks in the whole wide world like daifuku and melon-pan.

My mother decided to come with me and look around a bit and she was acting like some foreigner in another country.  It was really funny to watch and I had to read some of the packaging for her.  I ended up convincing her to buy some of the ready noodles instead of dry and she cooked dinner for me.  It was pretty decent for someone who doesn't know what they're doing, though not spicy enough.

I'm starting a Vlog in addition to my blogs here soon.  I think I'm cute enough to do so now, which is odd since I've aged since I wanted to start one.  I don't look any older though, which makes me rather happy.  I'd be happy to be 40 and still look like a young girl and I'm sure Master would be happy too.  I'm not sure what to start it on.  There is just so much I love to do and talk about.  I might make multiple ones like some YouTubers have now.  I would really like to do one about Lolita and Japanese food though.