Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So, today has been rather stressful so far.  I woke up around six this morning and haven't had much to do but surf through a few blogs, pick up a few things and contemplate starting the laundry, though there isn't enough for a load yet.  As I noted, I went to the Asian food store yesterday and bought a bunch of food.  Not enough to make a mess, just about one shelf worth and a tiny spot in the fridge / freezer.  I had some shrimp flavored crackers this morning as a snack and they were just as light, crispy and shrimpy-good as I remember.  I however did not get any bad breath with them per usual with Japanese snacks.  The little one has been eating a lot of the coconut fruit-flavored jelly we bought.  Little one keeps calling the container a duck, but I'm pretty sure it's a kappa.

Trying to look through all the apartments again to see i they're within walking distance.  Most of the ones that are affordable are not in this area do to this mostly being people over 40 with no children or pets.  It's kind of weird, which is why I want to move to the actual city area (about 20 minutes away from here by car) soon.  The price ranger here is the big part that is killing me.  There are probably four normal apartments that are a 10 minute walk from work, but they cost way too much for what little they provide and how small they are compared to the ones in the city for half the cost and more amenities.

Master hasn't spoken to me since yesterday morning and being me, I'm starting to worry a little bit.  I was afraid for myself when I went in for dental care because I know that it's an easy way to die if they mess up.  I never really bothered to be all "oh I hope you'll be alright" with Master though because I just wanted him to get help so badly.  If he ended up getting hurt because of it, I'll feel really really bad.  Especially since I forgot to tell him to drive safety before leaving.  I was too busy rambling about my own life.

On another note, I had a really really weird dream last night.  It was about me going to visit Master where he lives and it seemed to be a few years into the future.  I was bad mouthing him to everyone I met because he didn't keep up his end of a bargain and refused to be loyal.  He'd gone to meet his gal pal for his birthday like planned, ended up getting her pregnant and had a host of problems to deal with.  He still was unemployed, living with his family and bumming off people with no intentions of paying them back.  The weirdest part was somehow we ended up playing some video game together on his new game system.  He was playing with one of his guy friends and one of my ex-girl friends and I asked if I could play.  They all seemed like they didn't want me to seeing as I'd slow them down somehow.  Master ended up letting me and we played.  The game was rather odd and I don't think I've seen it before in real life, but the dream gave me a game idea at least.