Monday, January 21, 2013

Feeling Blah...

So I didn't really end up sleeping at all last night.  I slept in twenty to forty minute cat nap spurts while texting Master.  Last night I went shopping and got myself a few things.  Mostly food stuffs I don't need and some carrots.  That and a birthday card for Master seeing as his birthday is coming up here in just a little over a week.  I'm not sure what to get him as he never told me like he said he would, but that's fine.  I'll just send him some money so he can pick something out himself seeing as he already has too many Magic: The Gathering cards and I don't know what video games he'd want seeing as all he has are older systems and a Nintendo DS.

So Master said the weirdest thing this morning when he got offline.  He's apparently donating blood today which makes no sense seeing as he's super scared of needles.  I was too, but I somehow grew out of the fear for the most part.  I still don't like them though seeing as every nurse I've had sticks me wrong as I have super small veins.  He said he was doing it for the money, which kind of makes more sense, but now I'm wondering why he's so desperate for money that he'd do something he hates.  If he starts getting desperate enough, who knows what else he'll donate.  If he starts donating sperm though, I'll just be like "bye bye, you just disowned little one" as that would be a violation of contract and a slap in the face to his child.

So now, I'm just sitting here thinking about what reasons he might need the cash.  I don't want to jump to conclusions, but he did say that he wanted to go out of state to see his 'friends' in Florida for his birthday.  He might be getting the money for that so he can see that trampy girl of his.  If that's the case, I've lost all faith in him.  Won't even get his blood checked for my sake so I'd know if I had to get a shot with little one or just to know his blood type, but he'll do it for cash to go see a tramp a days travel away.