Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Happy Days!

So, today I'm actually in a rather good mood.  Not as good as I have been before, but still pretty good.  I haven't had much trouble today, though I've been relaxing most of the time.  I'm hoping to finish my dailies on Neopets soon seeing as I started on them rather late in the day.  I finally got off my health stop and am back on track to keeping up with myself.

I think I'm going to work on a schedule here in a little bit as well as my taxes.  I was really excited to do them until I remembered that Master owns all my possessions - including money - which means I might not even get to use any on myself.  He's in a bad spot right now, so he might want it all for himself, though who knows...  I at least wanted to let little one have a Disneyland birthday this year, but I can't do that with my normal wages.  It would have been $3000 USD for the three of us back where we use to live.  Now that we're so close, it's just a cheap bus trip and the park tickets for a day or two which should be more than $600 USD for everything even if Master came with us.  I just can't wait to get  back to where I use to live when I was younger so that I can get a yearly pass and go every single week.  I'd be in heaven.

On a really good note though, I got my new dress in the mail today.  It came with a whipped topping cup ring and earrings as well as a cake ring.  The dress is light blue and super cute with a large ribbon in the front and neck ties.  I'm really excited that it's machine washable too, so I don't have to worry about getting it dirty, though I'm going to try and keep it clean.  I think I need a blouse to go with it seeing as my bust is... well, my boobs are too big and it shows lots of cleavage which isn't proper for Lolita.