Friday, January 25, 2013


So, nothing is really going on today.  I had breakfast, skipped lunch, took a shower, cleaned myself up to Master's expectations, picked at dinner and then decided to have a melon-pan instead.  Today has been rather boring and I'm just rather annoyed as of right now.  I'm also jealous / annoyed that Master has butterfly wings on his character to match his tramp.  He says they're bloody, but they aren't.  They're sparkly, girly, red butterfly wings.  It's an early birthday present from her.  I wish she would just go away.  Who gives someone a birthday present just to be a total brat?  Not even that, but if you're giving someone a virtual gift, give them something good, not a piece of junk that costs less than the daily limit for one game.  Cheap whore.  I'm going to get Master something ten times better that isn't cheap and thoughtless.  I'm sure he won't wear it on his avatar though because that would offend his tramp.

As you can see, I'm rather mad today and have a lot of pent up anger.  I'm doing my best not to annoy Master with it though seeing as he's still sick.  I know he doesn't read this unless I prompt him to anyways, so if he does see this rant, he'll probably be better, a year older and in Florida by then.  I know he isn't leaving until the weather warms up, but I'm already jealous of that girl.  Everyone knows what I think of her by now.  She's not pretty, she really isn't nice and she is a terrible person, but she gets Master living near her, probably with her if he wanted.  I'm just some dumb toy 2000+ miles away that's been dropped on the floor and forgotten in terms of relationships.  I just wish that everything went better for me.  It always seems like the ones who are nice to everyone, give and don't ask for much back in return, are the ones who get stomped all over and treated like dirt.