Friday, February 1, 2013


Alright, so *coughs* ほら! I have successfully got my interview tally to 4 out of 4. What does this mean? It means that out of the four times I have been interviewed in my life, I have gotten every single employer to say the words "you're hired". You may be thinking, "Why doesn't this happen to me?" You want to know what my answer is? I'm awesome, that's why! I have no clue what it is, but I can wear a ratty t-shirt and old skirt to an interview (which I sorta did today because I couldn't find my business outfit) and I will always do something that just pushes me over the top in excellence in the employers mind.

What do I do? Genuine interest, genuine care, eye contact and then a little thing to seal the deal. With this one? A child ran over in my direction, I smiled and the child gave the biggest giggle fit and happy attack that man has probably ever seen. Why is this? For some reason, every single child but my own is desperately in love with me if I give them even a small glance. What is the job I'm looking into that made this seal the deal? Chuck E. Cheese, the leader in video game arcade dining. I decided to take this one instead of the one I had lined up because this employer knew what he was doing. He seemed just like my old boss. Nice, fun, but extremely in line and serious about job function and neatness. The kind who will be your friend until you do something wrong and then he cuts you in half. THIS is the kind of person I want to work for.