Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So I didn't sleep last night.  I was too busy chatting with Master into the morning about various things and giving him artwork of my characters to make into Magic: The Gathering spoof cards.  He actually did a rather nice job and I love them very much.  This is my favorite one that he made for me.  It looks just like me and the puppy is cute enough that I'd have to say it's okay to be holding it, though I'm not a dog person.

I really wanted to pass out around one in the afternoon, but I knew I had things to do today.  My mother threw a tantrum the other night that she wanted me out now because she couldn't stand me anymore.  All she had to do was ask me to leave, I've told her this at least thirty times now.  Just ask and I'll be gone.  So seeing as this tantrum was took as asking, I immediatley found a place, called and sealed the deal as of today.  The whole time this went on my mother was dumbfounded that I'm competent.  I'm not dumb, I never have been.  I'm just as smart as my father and just as driven to boot with every skill of his in finances, business and persuasion.  I was just trying to save up a little more money before running off on my own, this works fine too.  Now she is complaining about she is going to be lonely without me and little one.  Shouldn't have opened your mouth then, if you tell me to leave, I'm not staying and I won't ever come back.  Master should be able to attest to that.  I've had the money and resources to up and leave back to where Master lives and stay with him, but I haven't and I'm never going to.  If he wants me back, he'll have to come here.

So I got my new place!  I'm rather excited and can't wait to move in.  I gave myself two weeks between now and move in day so that I could have all my things properly sorted and packed.  I also wanted some time to have everything set up, compare prices on insurance and maybe think on getting one of those scary, metal death machines people call a car.  I'm still afraid of them and think I'll just be getting a bike here down the road.  Bikes are my favorite transportation after all and I would love one very much.  I have to get a metro pass though so that I can get to work as this apartment is on the opposite side of the city.

I'm just so excited I can hardly contain myself.  The apartment I picked is even a three person and one pet maximum, so Master and his cat can move here if he decides to.  Sure I'll have to front another $226 to put them on the lease, but it will be worth it.  I'll be looking for another job closer to the apartments as well so that I will be able to have it easy during the week.