Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sleepy Days

Woke up at the same time that I have been for a while now.  Not sure why, but early morning is my new 'rise and shine' which really isn't a bad thing.  I was going to take care of a few things today, but that didn't work out and tomorrow probably won't either with the family's schedule.  I really really need to get things done though and no one seems to understand that.  This place is in a bad local seeing as there is no bus for a 15 minute walk.  I can't wait to move into my new apartment on the 20th.  I just need to ask around and figure out when to get my bus pass and if I can manage to get health insurance.  They apparently have a 50% off bus pass for the month if you can show them a government health card.

So, I asked Master if I could have some money for shopping either tomorrow or the next day along with asking for a purse.  He said yes to both, which made me really happy.  I just have to try and quickly, but carefully check over the entire store for Lolita items or items that can be used in such a way.  It's always hard to find things in normal places or cheap that fit the Lolita profile.  The purse is brand, Angelic Pretty, and will be my first brand item.  I'm ecstatic and can't wait for it to get here.  The person lives in the USA, so hopefully it won't take more than a week at most.

I promised Master I won't beg for anymore brand, but I probably will end up asking (not really begging) to at least visit BTSSB for my birthday much later in the year.  I know BTSSB and AP don't always mix, but there are a few things they have that I just dream of owning some day.  That and if money is really hard, I could always just buy an alice bow.  I just need all of my coordinates to have at least one brand item so I don't feel silly.