Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year!

So, for the first time ever, I haven't posted in a few days.  Why is this?  Because I'm very very busy with things in the real world right now.  I'm moving here in ten days, I've been working now and I have lots of other things on my plate from getting the little one into preschool, perfecting the bus schedule, budgeting like a mad woman and trying to get any help available.  Also trying to figure out a lasting grocery list, thinking on how to get the things I need that aren't food and sending out Valentines.

So, it's the year of the snake.  Do I personally know any snakes?  No idea.  The only people who matter are Master who is a horse, little one is a rat and I am a sheep.  My mother is a tiger, and my younger sibling is an ox, which my father also was.  I don't really know anyone else who are the other signs, but that's okay.  I do know one monkey, but that's the girl I hate, so by default I don't like monkeys.  Anyways ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful Lunar New Year and you get lots of good food!  I'm going to make some stuff myself and have a traditional candy tray.  The little one's grandparents sent money at the funniest time since it's the Lunar New Year, but we'll be sending it back since they aren't welcome in our life and I don't want them to say we owe them anything.

On another note, I'll only be blogging every few days from now on, about three times a week to be exact.  I might have to nudge that down to just two later, but I'm trying to still get my daily events and thoughts all out somewhere so I don't get upset and annoyed like I was the other night.