Monday, February 11, 2013


Normally I would be busy at this moment, but I'm just too flustered to pack right now.  I just need to get out a good rant so that I'll be able to concentrate on work.  Master was very rude to me last night when I didn't deserve it.  He was online chatting with other people and didn't even bother to respond to me for over two hours.  Then when I go to say goodnight and point out how rude it was that he just looked at my post, he said he was in the bathroom.  Facebook doesn't just randomly post "Seen at time" to be jerks, Master wasn't in the bathroom and if he had time to look at a post and ignore it for ten minutes, he had time to reply to it as well.  He tried to play the card that I'm just going back into my overly touchy and paranoid mode when 1) I wasn't being paranoid about anything and 2) I was pissed because he has the time to post up a M:TG cards he made, but not say goodnight to me.

He gives too many excuses now and he is the one who is reverting back into his bad habits, not me.  If he wants to act how he use to, then fine.  I don't want a Master who treats me like the problem and ends a conversation by signing off anyways.  I cannot believe he threw such a hissy over me just pointing out he ignored me for hours on end.  He knows how angry it makes me when he signs off or stops talking after making a childish comment.  If he wants to chat, he knows how to get a hold of me.  I am too busy to deal with people who can't act their age right now.  I honestly thought he meant it when he said he'd be a better Master from now on, but guess I'm still the only one mature enough to keep what I say.