Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 New Year's Resolutions

It's a new year.  I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and my heart is a little heavier.  I'm growing up and going from cute to beautiful as I go up in the adult years.  I'm finally in love with myself and love being me.  I'm not happy all the time, but I'm content.  I know my worth and I now that I'm going to be okay in the end.  No more feelings of harm or confusion.  I'm a big girl now and ready to face the world head on.  My new years resolution list this year is larger than any time before, but I've figured out everything I want to do differently and try this year.  Love and romance is no where on my goals, I just want to continue to love myself and little prince.  I'm still in love, I just don't want to think about it anymore.  Alexander and Master are past chapters in my life, the page has turned and it's a new chapter this year.

Master was my first everything and will have a place in my heart as little prince's father.  Alexander will always be in my heart as my one true love.  His smiles, his kisses, his intelligence and passion.  Even with his flaws, I loved every inch of him, especially his mind.  In the short time we spent together, I grew a lot myself and learned what true love is.  I'll never be the same after meeting him and I think that's what people are supposed to do.  They come into your life to help you become better and leave you a little more broken, but a little stronger.  I'll always wish in the back of my mind that our paths will cross again when we're a little older, a little more together, but even if I never see him again, I'll always remember that smile and smile myself every time I think about it.  No matter where we are in the world and how long it's been, even if I grow old and never see him, he'll still be all I ever need.

  1. Never apologize for being myself.
  2. Transition to Vegan and buy Vegan replacements when an item is used up.
  3. Look for work everyday.
  4. Clean the entire house from top to bottom.
  5. Reduce the amount of water and electricity used on a daily basis.
  6. Look at only the positives.
  7. Stop eating out.
  8. Apply for college and follow through.
  9. Start a mission and organization board.
  10. Get a compost and recycling station set up on the patio.
  11. T.H.I.N.K (Is it... true, helpful, informative, necessary, kind) before speaking.
  12. Exercise for at least 20 minutes / day.
  13. Update my resume and take a job readiness coarse.
  14. Make a household budget as well as a debt reduction and savings plan.
  15. Start a garden on the patio with herbs and hangup a bird feeder.
  16. Be polite and kind to everyone, regardless of if they deserve it.
  17. Start a morning and evening routine for health, hygiene and mood.
  18. Apply for a starter credit card,
  19. Organize each room in the house in a way that is functional for everyday.
  20. Only buy products that are second hand and/or eco + animal friendly.
  21. Never raise my tone to anyone and take a timeout to think before acting.
  22. Plan out my weekly meals ahead of time and make them nutritious.
  23. Push to learn how to drive and obtain a driver's license and used car.
  24. Set up a work area in little prince's room, a media center in the living room and a dining area.
  25. Unplug everything from outlets, besides switch lights, when not in use.
  26. Spend time helping Kris with schoolwork, projects, hobbies, and reading.
  27. Start going to Weight Watchers meetings for ideas and support.
  28. Start planning things well in advance instead of last minute.
  29. Keep purse clean and have a childcare baggy stocked in it at all times.
  30. Keep up to date with current world issues, green party, and animal rights.
  31. Stop using inappropriate language and rude names/descriptions.
  32. Meditate, practice yoga, and lift weights daily.
  33. Build an emergency kit and a medical kit for the house and one for the car.
  34. Get an organizer calendar and keep track of a ll important events and dates.
  35. Adopt an animal to love and take care of.
  36. Only touch someone if they say it's okay.
  37. Stop biting nails, scratching and picking at myself.  This isn't ladylike.
  38. Find reliable childcare for little prince and funding to pay for it.
  39. Make a daily routine for meals, activities, and cleaning
  40. Find a cause to volunteer for at least once a week.
  41. Start and finish the couch to 5k program and sign up to run at least 1 mile.
  42. Find a hobby that I can stick with and turn into a hobby business.
  43. Try not to ask others for help more often than needed.
  44. Set limits and a bedtime for little prince and stick with them.
  45. Donate time, food, and money to those who need it most.
  46. Help little prince stick with his resolutions and personal goals.
  47. Keep a log of all the food, exercise, habits, and sleep patterns I have.
  48. Make time to relax by myself and pamper myself to help with stress.
  49. Find a better system to organize my digital media.
  50. Donate plasma and other body parts to help those in need.
  51. Be more creative and think with an open mind.
  52. Take the time to learn more about nutrition.
  53. Set a rule for no television, phones, or computers during meals.
  54. Go to the grocery shopping at least four times a week instead of once for freshness.
  55. Spend more time outside and enjoy nature.
  56. Start a 365 photography, drawing, kindness, and learning project.
  57. Spend time to make unique, creative, and artsy food.
  58. Make a book of passwords and needed family information.
  59. Get regular checkups at the doctor's and get dental health up to date.
  60. Limit the amount of time the electronics are used.
  61.  Spend time each day reading part of a novel.
  62. Reserve internet time for once a day instead of throughout.
  63. Take time out of every week to update journals.
  64. Assign little prince household chores and keep him accountable.
  65. Take up learning how to play an instrument.
  66. Plan to visit friends and extended family more often.
  67. Teach little prince to start being self-sufficient.
  68. Start an easy savings plan to go on a family vacation.
  69. Start organizing photos and learn how to scrapbook.
  70. Start working on house improvement and D.I.Y. projects.
  71. Look into finding people to trade snail mail letters with.
  72. Do more research into my interests, such as Lolita, and blog about it.
  73. Compile a list of favorite recipes and publish a family cookbook.
  74. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle and a 3-D puzzle.
  75. Write and publish a children's book with illustrations.
  76. Start learning how to speak and write in another language.
  77. Learn to listen to my body and figure out what I need.
  78. Learn a new and useful life skill.
  79. Take life a little less serious and don't worry about romance.
  80. Don't be hard on myself if everything doesn't end up as planned.